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West Virginians May be Living Longer, but We are Sicker!


Due to medical advances, Americans are living longer than ever before, but they are living sicker than previously generations. Medical advances have allowed people to live with chronic health conditions such as, high blood pressure and diabetes. Recently, America’s Health Ranking issued their latest report, which is an assessment on our health.  The state by state rankings highlight where each of us can do better.

West Virginia is ranked 47th overall, which is down from 43rd in 2011.  However, the state is ranked 48th for obesity.  To learn more about policy solutions, visit our Alert Action center and take action.

In addition, you can take action in your home.  The American Heart Association has recommendations for those that want to live a healthier life. To learn more about the courses of action you can take to get healthier visit Get with the Guidelines and Life’s Simple 7. Our advocacy department along with advocates like you continues to work on health related issues such as, smokefree legislation, comprehensive tobacco cessation and prevention funding, improving nutrition in schools and in the community and quality physical education. 

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