West Virginia’s Legislators Go Back to Work


Now that the holidays are over, state legislators will be getting back to work and the American Heart Association is gearing up to advocate for the issues that are important to all of you. We hope that this year, with your help, will be a great one with many successes.

This year in West Virginia, we are going to be focusing on the following issues:

CPR for Graduation: You might be surprised to learn that we can teach West Virginia’s students CPR and what to do in an emergency in just one class period. A basic 30 minutes of CPR instruction as a graduation requirement would yield thousands of trained young people ready to help in the case of a cardiac emergency. Bystander intervention doubles or triples a victim’s chance of survival. You can help ensure that this generation of students becomes the next generation of life savers.

Tobacco Prevention: Tobacco use takes a deadly toll on the people of West Virginia. Although West Virginia’s tobacco control program has accomplished many successes, including reductions in youth tobacco use, West Virginia still has some of the highest tobacco usage rates in the nation, including a staggering 30+% of pregnant women that admit to smoking. Our kids deserve a future that is free from tobacco addiction and chronic disease.

We could not accomplish what we do without the efforts of our volunteers. So take the time today to send an email to your legislators on the issues listed above.

Let’s get to work!

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