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Wellendorf Family Receives Legislative Advocacy of the Year Award

Five years ago, Brad Wellendorf had a heart attack at home.  Quick response from his family and EMS professionals saved his life. Their story helped educate legislators on the important, life-saving skill of CPR.  We are proud to award the Wellendorf family with our Legislative Advocate of the Year award.  

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of the Wellendorf Family
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of the Wellendorf Family

Brad's wife Kristi learned CPR when she was in high school and it was that training that kicked in to help save Brad's life.  She and her children took turns performing CPR until EMS arrived.  

The Wellendorf family has been passionate about ensuring everyone learn hands-only CPR, and this year they helped the AHA pass a bill that ensures all students will learn CPR before they graduate from high school.  

Brad, Kristi and Lindsey attended our AHA day at the Capitol where they shared their story with legislators and other volunteers. The Wellendorfs submitted written testimony to share with legislative committees and also testified in person.  Their commitment and passion helped to educate everyone about the life-saving skill of hands-only CPR.  

Congratulations to the Wellendorf Family!  

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