Well, Well, The Silly Season is Upon Us


Here in Montana, we are looking for more tobacco prevention funding by our legislators and support to increase tobacco taxes so our youth will have a more difficult time trying to purchase tobacco. And we are supporting a bill to require newborn screening to detect congenital heart defects early in hope of saving that infants life. Another goal will be getting support from the State Board of Education, OPI and the School Board Association to require, through regulation, all Montana students to be educated during a one-time, 30 minute CPR training course, and prior to graduation. Other strategies include supporting the eight rural telemed sites; fully funding the State’s Heart and Stroke efforts and the preservation of the Healthy Montana Trust Fund that is the current recipient of the monies from the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, currently funding senior prescription assistance, help to small businesses choosing to provide health insurance to employees, the Children’s Health Insurance programs plus other health initiatives.

AHA needs your help as a you’re the Cure Advocate. Drop us a line (cliff.christian@ heart.org) or call (406- 443-6515) so we can talk about how many hands make light work in the prevention of America’s # 1 and 4 killers (heart and Stroke disease). Please do it today.

- Cliff Christian, Montana Government Relations Director

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