Welcome to the 2014 Legislative Session!


Creating heart-healthy communities takes more than just changing our own habits – we need to motivate others and speak in one voice.  Stay tuned for updates and calls to action as the 2014 Legislative Session begins and we continue to advocate for issues on the local, state and federal level!

We all know our health is our responsibility. But did you know that your lawmakers can also play a key role in promoting prevention and wellness? Urge your elected officials to support policies that encourage healthier lifestyles and foster physical activity in your community, school and workplace.

Eighty percent of cardiovascular disease doesn’t have to happen. Remind your state and federal representatives that an investment in disease prevention helps Americans get healthy and keeps our economy strong.

Encourage your local and national policymakers to take action on legislation that fights the devastating impact of heart disease and stroke. Together we can achieve the American Heart Association’s 2020 Impact Goal to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20 percent and reduce cardiovascular disease and stroke deaths by 20 percent by 2020.

Calls to Action – Here are a few ways you can make a difference right now!

Research is an investment in our nation’s future. It improves health, spurs innovation and grows our economy. While Congress continues to debate budget cuts, help us protect funding for heart disease and stroke research. Take action at www.researchsaveslives.org

When ordinary people are given the tools to administer CPR survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest victims can double or even triple. That’s why the American Heart Association is committed to training the next generation of lifesavers. Be CPR Smart and join us in supporting legislation to ensure all students learn this life saving skill before they graduate high school.

When it comes to improving health and reversing the childhood obesity epidemic, the research points clearly to physical activity…kids need to move more! The FIT Kids Act will help them do just that. Urge legislators to co-sponsor the FIT Kids Act now and show their support for regular, quality physical education in schools.

The health impact of a stroke can be shattering, but the financial effect can be even more devastating if you don’t have health insurance. Find out what new protections and coverage options are available for stroke survivors under the Affordable Care Act at www.heartsforhealthcare.org.

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Only 3.8 percent of elementary schools, 7.9 percent of middle schools and 2.1 percent of high schools provide daily physical education. It’s time to address the quality and quantity of PE in our nation's schools. Help us build support for the FIT Kids Act by contacting your Members of Congress today. Exercise your voice here: http://bit.ly/14zkzG2

It’s troubling to think about the promising heart and stroke advancements that will be put on hold due to federal budget cuts to the National Institutes of Health. "Like" this if you stand with medical researchers in calling on Congress for cures, not cuts!

Bystanders trained in CPR are often critical to a cardiac arrest victim’s survival. CPR training in schools can prepare students to contribute to their communities by saving lives. To learn more, visit www.becprsmart.org



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