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Wear Red Day Events in Oklahoma


Last week AHA Advocacy volunteers and staff participated in three special Wear Red Day Celebrations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.  Volunteers and staff were recognized as they raised awareness of heart disease in women.

Oklahoma State Legislature

On February 5, American Heart Association volunteers and staff traveled to the Oklahoma State Capitol for Go Red Day at the Capitol. This day kicked off with a light breakfast and meet and greet among attendees.

Once the legislative session began, Rep. Lee Denney presented House Resolution 1003, which recognized February 6th at “Wear Red Day” in Oklahoma. Rep. Denney also introduced AHA guests and staff in the gallery. Additionally, SouthWest Affiliate Board Member, Dr. Mary Ann Bauman, Go Red for Women Luncheon Chair and Board Member, Martha Burger, Board Member, Dr. Misty Hsieh, and AHA volunteer and Heart Disease Survivor, Amanda Rowell, were fortunate enough to be recognized from the floor of the House.

Afterwards, AHA volunteers and staff joining members of the House of Representatives for a group photo.  From there, State Secretary of Health, Commissioner Terry Cline, met with AHA staff and volunteers to speak about his role and existing efforts to improve health outcomes in Oklahoma.

Finally, Government Relations Director, Naomi Amaha conducted an advocacy training on the key legislative issues for this session. Staff and volunteers then visited with their respective lawmakers on Healthy Vending and Stroke Transport Protocols.

Special thanks to Oklahoma City Executive Director, Debbie Hite, Sr. Social Events Director, Terri Bailey, Go Red for Women Director, Shelly Jordan, Communications Director, Calley Herth, Campaign Director, Tes Hardison, Grassroots Director, Sam Bender, and Administrative Assistant, Lori Costa, for their support of Go Red Day at the Capitol.



Oklahoma City Council

 Tuesday, January 27th, Oklahoma City mayor, Mick Cornett, signed a proclamation declaring February 6, 2015 Wear Red Day. The Oklahoma City team gathered at City Hall with a total of 12 volunteers and staff, all dressed in red. The women were welcomed by Mayor Cornett and his executive staff.  Councilwoman Meg Salyer wore red to the meeting in support. 

Volunteer speaker and survivor, Chelsea Mielke, gave her testimony and urged the audience in attendance to pay attention to their heart health.  The mic was passed to Dr. Mary Bauman, longtime volunteer and SouthWest Affiliate board member, who listed simple steps for the audience to take in order to keep their heart healthy. 



Tulsa City Council

 On the evening of February 5th, AHA volunteers and staff attended the Tulsa City Council meeting for the reading of a proclamation by Tulsa City Councilor, Karen Gilbert. Many of the council members were dressed in Red and excited for the AHA to have a presence at the meeting.  Councilor Gilbert met briefly with the AHA delegation and posed for a group photo before the City Council meeting commenced.

After Council Gilbert recognized the group and read the proclamation, Dr. Barbara Hannah, ECC Committee Member and AHA volunteer, spoke about the importance of recognizing Wear Red Day and promoting Heart Disease awareness.  AHA volunteers in attendance also included Barbara Jo Johnson, Heart Disease Survivor and Mechele Cruz, ECC member.

Special thanks to Go Red for Women Director, Shari Holdman, Communications Director, Lindsey Hansen, and Quality Systems and Improvement Director, Katie Butterfield (and her two children, Carson and Cam) for attending.

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