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With the legislative session quickly approaching we wanted to reach out and get your thoughts on an issue that our coalition partners are pursuing – a sugary drink fee – and how the fee revenue should be used if one were to be passed.

The Bitter Truth Hawai‘i Campaign is proposing legislation to add a fee onto drinks with added sugar, like fruit drinks, sweetened teas and coffees, sports drinks, and sodas to generate revenue for programs focused on building better health in Hawai‘i. A two-cent-per-ounce fee on drinks is estimated to raise $60.8 million per year. This revenue would then be invested into communities to improve health. 

The results of this survey will help us understand what health-focused programs and initiatives you would like to see funded in your community with this revenue.

The survey put together by our partners is just 6 questions and will take you only few minutes to complete but your feedback is incredibly important.

Click here and share with us your thoughts -

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