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We're This Close to Celebrating All the Hard Work That You've Done, But...

...we must also make sure that legislative leadership maintains our funding priorities!

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A few weeks ago, the Massachusetts Senators debated their version of the annual state budget. I am pleased to report that, thanks to your advocacy, we were successful in getting several of our priorities included:

  • Creation of a stroke system of care, to ensure that all patients suffering a stroke receive the appropriate level of care
  • Critical funding for stroke awareness
  • Expansion for the Healthy Incentives Program, to match SNAP recipients’ purchases of local fruits and vegetables
  • Funding for the Massachusetts Food Trust, to help our communities have access to healthy food
  • Taxing flavored cigars marketed to young people
  • Support for all students in K-5 to receive 100 minutes of recess

As you can see from the Senate budget, we are making progress, but we need the few legislators that will be making the final decision to keep these critical pieces in the final budget.

Thank you for sending emails to your legislators! Every day in the State House I see the impact you have on your lawmakers. They pay attention when you send them an email on an issue. They genuinely want to know what is important to you, and to support those priorities. Your voice makes a difference! 

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