We are in the final weeks of the 2023 Legislative Session

As we enter the final days of the 2023 Legislative session we have an important bill (SB975) that has the potential to help address Hawaii’s youth vaping epidemic still alive.  To be successful, we need your help to make sure lawmakers keep the bill strong.

Message committee members today!

This bill would do a number of things to address Hawaii’s youth vaping epidemic including:

  • tax e-cigarette products at a level equivalent to taxes on other tobacco products.
  • require e-cigarette retailers to obtain a business license like those required of traditional tobacco retailers. This helps the state enforce the tobacco sales age, provide education for retailers, and monitor compliance of laws.

We are concerned that the tax on e-cigarettes will be changed in committee to a level too low to make an impact. It’s important for e-cigarettes to be taxed at a level comparable to traditional tobacco products in order to discourage use by our price-sensitive keiki.

Message lawmakers and ask them to tax e-cigarettes at a rate equivalent to traditional tobacco products.

This is our last opportunity this session to work with lawmakers to take steps to begin to address Hawaii’s youth vaping epidemic.

hero_image_alt_text===A picture of the Hawaii Capitol building
thumbnail_alt_text===A picture of the Hawaii Capitol building
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