We All Pay the Price for Tobacco, Whether We Smoke or Not

We all pay the price for tobacco, whether we smoke or not. Each year Oregonians pay $1.5 billion for smoking-related health care costs while Big Tobacco continues to profit.  The math is simple – passing Measure 108 will increase the cost of nicotine products to reduce tobacco use. Which, in turn, will saves lives and lower health care costs. In addition, the revenue generated from the vape and tobacco tax will help stabilize Oregon Health Plan costs, protecting health care for more than one million Oregonians.  

Measure 108 is a win for everyone, except Big Tobacco. We are all impacted by tobacco and nicotine use, whether we smoke or vape, or not. Research tells us increasing the cost of tobacco products protects youth from a lifetime addiction and lowers healthcare costs for everyone. The measure will lead to healthier lifestyles and lower health care costs for all of us. Oregon has the lowest tobacco tax on the west coast and no tax on electronic cigarettes and we believe that after 20 years, the last time Oregon raised the tobacco tax, it's time to increase the tax and help address these issues.  

We hope we can count on your YES vote this November on Measure 108. 

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