We’re Preparing the Next Generation of Lifesavers


In partnership with Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center and Tualitin Fire and Rescue the American Heart Association is training seventh graders at Rosemont Ridge Middle School in Hands-Only CPR. A demonstration for parents was hosted on Tuesday evening by AHA volunteer and Legacy nurse Jennifer Stafford to show parents what their children already know: if you see someone collapse from sudden cardiac arrest, call 911 then push hard and fast on the center of the chest until help arrives. Some students even got into the action training parents and other children; see seventh grader John teaching three year old Ben at left.

With AHA’s training, Rosemont middle school students will be ready to save a life in their community. The American Heart Association believes all students should learn CPR before graduation. Join the effort to incorporate CPR training into Oregon’s school curriculum. Click here to send your message of support to your legislator.

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