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We Need Your Voice More Than Ever


We have a tremendous opportunity right now to improve the health of all Idaho students – but we need your help!

The Board of Education is taking public comment on a proposal to set minimum class time requirements for physical education (PE) in all Idaho schools. Nearly one-third of Idaho students are overweight or obese and PE is a key tool in curbing this epidemic.


To ensure a YES vote, the Board must hear from residents from across the state. Please submit your public comment TODAY -- it’s easy and fast!

  1. Click here and scroll to the “Graduation Requirements – Physical Education” comment box.
  2. Share your story using your own words or the template below (select one sentence from each section).
  • Introduce yourself
    • Having lived in Idaho for ___ years, I am writing to voice my support for increased PE in our schools. 
    • As a mom/dad/grandparent/teacher, I am concerned about PE in our schools.
  • Highlight the Problem
    • It’s alarming to me that almost one-third of Idaho students are overweight or obese.
    • While the number of obese and overweight Idaho students is increasing, those taking physical education in school is decreasing. 
  • Show the Solution
    • Consistent PE gets our kids moving and will help curb the obesity epidemic in our state.
    • Studies have shown that physically fit children have higher scholastic achievement, better classroom behavior and less absenteeism than their sedentary counterparts.
  • Urge Their Support
    • It is important to me that you vote in favor of the PE proposal.
    • Put PE back into Idaho schools because it’s good for health and good for grades.

Together we can help Idaho students improve their health and achieve more academically. Submit your comment today!

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