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The gavel is down and the 2015 Legislative Session has officially started. For the next 40 days lawmakers will determine policies for the state of Wyoming that will affect us all. 

Please take a moment to send an email to your legislators, welcoming them to the State Capitol.

We are excited and eager to work with our state legislators on policies that will create a healthier Wyoming. A few of our top policy priorities that we are working on are:

• Stroke Systems of Care: Secure funding for the state to improve stroke and heart attack care through utilization of a streamlined database. We also want to build upon the improvements in care that were made 2013 to ensure that all heart attack and stroke patients in Wyoming receive optimal care in accordance with best practices.

• Healthy Living: Tobacco Free – Advocate for a statewide policy to increase the tobacco excise tax by at least $0.50 per pack to help contribute to a reduction in tobacco use across Wyoming, reducing chronic disease as well and saving health care dollars.

Click here to let legislators know how the decisions they make will impact the health and quality of life of their constituents.

Over the next several months you will receive emails providing updates on the progress of these issues, as well as giving you the opportunity to participate via email, phone calls, and visits to legislator offices. Just know that your voice is incredibly important to the work that the American Heart Association does at our state Capitol.

We know that effective advocacy campaigns are vital to making positive changes to health policy in the state of Wyoming. We can’t do this without you!

You're the Cure.

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