We're Missing Half the Party!


Happy holidays! You may or may not have known that November 4th was National Eating Healthy Day, but did you know that for 62% of Oklahoma City, it’s a day that is nearly impossible to celebrate? Over half of OKC has low access to healthy and affordable foods, meaning that these necessary options are either too far away or too expensive for our residents. In fact, according to the Oklahoma City-County Health Department’s Community Health Status Assessment, OKC is ranked second in the nation for worst cities for food access!

But we can change that! Take action to increase access to healthy foods now!

Here in Oklahoma City we are currently working to increase access to healthy foods across our city through a Healthy Corner Store initiative. This initiative would focus on partnering with local and existing corner store owners to increase the selection of healthy food being offered. Increasing access in our city would provide thousands of children and families with the foods they need to lead healthier and more thriving lives.

You can help bring healthier foods to your neighborhood by sending a letter to your councilmember and letting them know that access matters to you and to our city!

We need your voice to make our city healthier. Take action now!  

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