We're About to Miss Out on Healthier Food and Drink Choices for Howard County


Howard County is about to miss out on a chance to get healthier!  Please act now, and save CB 17-2015 to make healthier food and drink choices more widely accessible, available, and affordable on county property and during county programs. 

County Council passed this bill to help make the healthy choice the easy choice for our citizens, but County Executive Howard Kittleman has different priorities and vetoed it.

Evidence clearly shows that making healthier choices leads to reduction in risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. The bill would put heathier options in vending machines at eye level and even provide a discount for some.  Why would Howard County not want to support those choices?

Can you make a quick call:





If you can make the call, send us a quick reply to let us know you were able to help! 


At the very least, please take 60 seconds to send a note to the Council.  This is our last chance to take a stand on CB 17-2015 and insist Kettleman put our health first.



Want to see more on the issue?  Check out this Opinion Editorial in The Baltimore Sun



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