Election Results – Victories for Health in Colorado!

WE DID IT! Yesterday’s election brought mostly victories for the ballot initiatives we advocated for in our state. At the local level 3 new policies were approved that will improve the health of Coloradans. Statewide voters defeated a proposition that would have taken away important funding for health care and education, and disappointingly defeated a proposal that would have authorized transportation funding. 

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AHA Supported Avon Ballot Issue 2B to increase the cigarette tax by $3 per pack and create a new tax of 40% on the sales price of all other tobacco and nicotine products

  • PASSED: Avon residents voted 75.61% to 24.39% in favor of this policy to substantially decrease tobacco use for youth and adults.

AHA Supported Boulder Measure 2D to allow the city to continue using excess sugary drink tax revenue to invest in community health programs

  • PASSED: Boulder residents voted 64.91% to 35.09% in favor of this measure to continue supporting community programs like access to fresh fruits and vegetables for families with lower incomes, sport programs for kids, community gardens at preschools, health promotion at community clinics, access to bikes, and healthy meals for seniors and those with disabilities.

AHA Supported Denver Ordinance 302 to implement a 0.08% sales increase to provide millions in funding for healthy food and food education programs for kids

  • PASSED: Denver voters supported this measure 57.26% to 42.74% to help feed Denver’s low-income kids while providing cooking, gardening, and nutrition classes to help kids make healthy choices today and into the future.

AHA Supported Colorado Proposition 110 to authorize $6 billion in bonds and a 0.62% sales tax increase to raise transportation revenue

  • FAILED: Unfortunately, this initiative was disapproved by voters by 59.68% to 40.32%  The funding generated from this tax would have improved health equity in our communities by increasing opportunities for people of all abilities to move safely and conveniently where they live, work, and play. The AHA will continue to work on finding solutions to increase mobility and physical activity to better the health of all Coloradans.

AHA Opposed Colorado Proposition 109 to bond $3.5 million from the state general fund, taking away money from other critical needs to fund highways and bridges

  • FAILED: Coloradans voted 61.29% to 38.71% to defeat this policy and protect funding for health care and education in our state.

While we recognize there is more work to be done, we hope you will join us in celebrating these steps (on new sidewalks) forward.

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