Support Water Refilling Stations in Wisconsin Schools!

Urge your lawmakers to dedicate state funding for water bottle refilling stations in schools, to ensure children have access to fresh drinking water.

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All children, no matter where they live, should have access to safe drinking water in school.  Water is a basic human need – something we cannot live without. 

Since children spend a large part of their day at school, we have the chance to significantly influence water consumption and establish healthy habits early on. Our schools should provide students with access to safe drinking water throughout the day.  Water makes children healthier by helping their muscles, joints, and tissues; improving their digestive system, and keeping their growing bodies hydrated.

When water is available from non-fountain sources such as water bottle filling stations, the percentage of students who drink water increases. Additionally, many water filling stations filter the water, ensuring it’s safe to drink.

Water access is part of creating a school environment that helps set children up for a healthy future.  Help ensure that all kids have access to safe water in school by adding water bottle filling stations.

A copy of this petition will be delivered on your behalf to your state legislators.

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