Water is life. Drink up now and support access for students

Now that we’re getting out and about a little bit more, we’re all out in the sun and the heat more. These hot summer months, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated. It’s common that we forget how important water is to us- but anyone who has felt that satisfaction of a sip of water when you’re feeling dehydrated knows it can make a big difference to how you feel.


That feeling of “feeling better” happens on the inside as well. When you stay hydrated you’re better supporting your digestive system, your muscles and joints, and even your brain function! Staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking anything though, when you drink sugary drinks like sports drinks, juice, or sodas, you’re more likely to develop conditions like unhealthy weight or diabetes which can increase your likelihood of heart disease. Drinking water is an important part in keeping you healthier and feeling better in the short and long term.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some people to access clean drinking water regularly in their home or community. While public drinking water is generally safe, that’s not the case in all communities. Some children don’t have access to clean drinking water at home but do in their schools. This combined with what we know about the positive health impacts of drinking water is why we support water access in schools. We believe all children should have access to clean water throughout the day in their schools. Water is essential and should be available to kids throughout the school day and in summer programs so they have what they need to stay healthier and don’t turn to sugary drinks to have something to drink.

This summer, drink water throughout the day and encourage your friends and family as well. Then, see how water access for children is in your local community. Join us as we take action to make sure that everyone has equitable access to healthy, clean, and safe drinking water.  

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