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Water Briefing

There are so many public health benefits of expanding access to drinking water in public places

hero_image_alt_text===advocates for access to clean drinking water
thumbnail_alt_text===advocates for access to clean drinking water

Did you know that more than half of school-age children are under-hydrated and too many children routinely drink sugary beverages? That makes it harder for their minds and bodies to work well. Many adults are also dehydrated and find it difficult to find sources of drinking water in their communities. Let’s help everyone hydrate the healthy way by making the availability of safe and free drinking water at schools and in communities a priority.

We were able to do a legislative briefing to show the benefits of drinking water and help gain support for Legislation that establishes a Special Commission on Access to Drinking Water in Public Places

H.2461 would establish a Special Commission to evaluate the public health benefits of and options for expanding access to drinking water in public places, including but not limited to parks, playgrounds, schools, libraries, bicycle and pedestrian paths, stadiums, arenas, and commercial, cultural, and other properties generally open to the public.

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