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Watch4Jerry Video Promotes Safe Transportation


The city of Sioux Falls has launched a new video that, among other messages, promotes safe transportation on city streets whether you are driving, biking or walking.  The video introduces Jerry, a precocious pup that reminds all those who use city streets to watch out for pedestrians, bicyclists and pets who also like to enjoy the outdoors using our sidewalks and city streets. 

Safe transportation is an important part of an active lifestyle which is vital to cardiovascular health.  The American Heart Association encourages individuals and families include outside activities into their daily lives in an effort to combat obesity.  In order to be outside and be active, it’s important for motorists to share the road with all modes of transportation.

Some important considerations for safe pedestrian transportation include:

  • Use Crosswalks and follow signals
  • Make yourself visible to others moving on streets and sidewalks
  • Be sure to allow yourself enough time to cross, and do not dart out in front of vehicles 

Bicyclists should consider these safe transportation guidelines:

  • Follow the rules of the road and be sure you are watching for traffic and crossing streets properly
  • Bicyclists should obey all traffic rules, be visible, protect your head by wearing a helmet and always signal when turning
  • At intersections, stop before entering crosswalks

For more about Jerry and how to stay safe on city streets, visit the City of Sioux Falls Live Well website, or CLICK HERE

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