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Washington Marks 10 Years of Smoke Free Air


It’s hard to believe but December 8th marked the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the voter approved smoke free air law in our state.

We might not always see eye to eye on every issue but on November 8th, 2005 Washington voters in every county approved Proposition 901 and it went into effect 30 days later. Overall 63.25% of voters said YES to creating smoke free public places and places of work. Not many voter initiatives pass with such overwhelming support but the American Heart Association as one of the many groups working on this issue was so proud to see Washingtonians overwhelmingly say they didn’t want to breathe toxic smoke-filled air when they went out to public places.

Over the last 10 years there have been multiple challenges to the current law. Groups have tried to weaken it by creating exemptions for cigar bars and hookah lounges but with the help of advocates like you they have been unsuccessful.

So this December as you find yourself out and about, take a deep breath and thank yourself for making clean air possible.

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