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Washington's 2015 Legislative Session is Under Way


The 2015 legislative session kicked off on January 12 and with your help we plan to make it a big year for Heart and Stroke legislation!

During session we will ask lawmakers to prioritize funding for programs that are vital to building a healthier Washington.

Safe Routes to School - This programs makes it easier and safer for kids to walk and bike to school. Studies show that kids who are physically active learn better and this program helps build more walkable communities. Currently only 1 project can be funded for every 4 requests received so we will ask lawmakers to increase funding for this program.

Quality Systems of Care – Improving the existing emergency cardiac and stroke system of care in Washington will help ensure patients are taken to the right hospital and receive the right treatment as quickly as possible.

Tobacco Prevention – We will pursue sustainable funding for the state Tobacco Prevention and Control program. We know that for every dollar the state spends on prevention five dollars is saved on hospitalizations.

Obesity Prevention – We support improved access to healthy food and beverages in school through funding for the school kitchen renovations and water bottle filling stations.

We hope we can count on you for your continued support in the upcoming legislative session. We could not do the work we do without your help. Keep an eye open for our emails and take action when you are able.

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