Want to keep the kids busy this week AND help out the AHA?


Did you know 32 out of the 62 New York State counties are struggling with access to healthy food? That is roughly 1.7 million New Yorkers who lack access to stores with healthy food options. And poor nutrition can lead to diet-related illness - like heart disease and stroke. This is unacceptable!

In support of the American Heart Association's mission to improve nutrition for all New Yorkers, we are asking lawmakers to provide $18 million in funding to improve access to healthy foods. Here is where you come in!

While home with the kids this week, encourage them to draw a picture of their favorite fruit or vegetable. You can submit the picture directly to us by emailing it to Kristin Salvi ([email protected]) or you can post it on social media using the hashtag #HealthyFood4NY.

Let’s keep the conversation going in support of healthy food access for all New Yorkers!

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