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Walk for Heart Health on April 3rd



Every day, we take thousands of steps to get where we need to go; now it is time to take steps towards improving heart health.  April 3rd is National Walking Day, a day to challenge ourselves and our state to get heart healthy and fit! 

These days, adults are spending more time at work than ever before. An unfortunate side effect is that, as a nation, we're becoming more inactive. Statistics show that 50% of men and 33 % of women are at risk for heart disease, and research shows that poor lifestyle is a major contributor.  In fact, physical inactivity doubles the risk of heart disease.  

But take heart! This is a problem we can fix, by lacing up our sneakers and walking at least 30 minutes a day.  Walking is the easiest form of physical activity and has the lowest dropout rate.

 A regular walking program can improve your cholesterol profile, lower blood pressure and prevent weight gain

We hope you will join us on April 3rd, and every day, by lacing up for 30 minutes and taking the steps necessary to build a healthier state.

Click this link for more information on National Waling Day and for some tips on how to make walking and other physical activities more fun!

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