Vote No to Big Tobacco - VOTE NO on 34-314 in Washington County

Last November Washington County took action to protect our kids from tobacco and nicotine addiction by ending the sale of flavored tobacco products. 

Now Big Tobacco is at it again, funding a ballot campaign to repeal Washington County’s new law and put these kid-enticing flavors back on the shelves. They need a new generation of smokers, and they are using kid-friendly flavored products to hook kids and turn them into nicotine addicts and loyal customers. 

Tobacco companies are shameless in their pursuit of new customers, including aggressively targeting children with candy flavored products like strawberry, chocolate, cotton candy, and minty sweet menthol, meant to hook them on nicotine. 

We know that tobacco and e- cigarette use sets kids up for a lifetime nicotine addiction and serious health conditions like heart disease and lung disease. E-cigarettes deliver massive doses of nicotine. They are highly addictive and put youth users at greater risk for addiction. Nicotine is especially harmful to young people. It can harm brain development and impact their attention, mood, and impulse control.

Don’t let big tobacco put our kids in harm’s way. VOTE NO on 34-314. 



Volunteer to help us with this campaign by reaching out to Christina Bodamer. We need help knocking on doors, talking to friends and family, and attending events to help educate voters before ballots are mailed out. 

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