Volunteers Attend Advocate Summits Throughout Texas




Throughout January, over sixty inspiring You’re the Cure volunteers from the Houston area and Central Texas gathered for the first ever You’re the Cure Advocate Summits!
Some  of the volunteers were new to You’re the Cure, while others had a long history of volunteering with the State Advocacy Committee or Grassroots Action Teams. All came together to discover how they were “Part of the Puzzle,” learning from volunteer leaders and staff about AHA’s Texas policy priorities, especially smoke-free air and healthy, active living, before touring You’re the Cure and learning how taking action makes a difference, and how to climb the advocate ranks. Veteran volunteers shared lessons about engaging lawmakers, and everyone practiced answering tricky questions about the issues by sticking to their “why.” In fact, the volunteers’ stories were central to the whole event.  The tone was set by the first activity of the day, a “Life is Why” icebreaker during which advocates decorated puzzle pieces with their “whys” and shared their stories. Together their pieces created one heart!
Put your Why into action! Reach out to Vanessa Fuentes ([email protected]) or Victoria Nelson ([email protected]) to learn of upcoming You're the Cure opportunities in Texas.The You're the Cure community is all about giving you, our advocates, the tools you need to raise your voice to fight heart disease and stroke in your communities.

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