Oct. 22: American Heart Association Day of Action
Join us on Oct. 22 in Denver, Durango, Colorado Springs, Jefferson County -- or anywhere you can help -- to canvass our neighborhoods and educate our neighbors about the benefits of a YES vote on FF. If you want to canvass in your neighborhood, no matter where you are, we'll get you everything needed to be successful. 
Click here to sign up for one of two shifts, which will be from 9 a.m. -noon or from 1-4 p.m. and include training. 


  • Elections are often close, and face-to-face conversations are the most important interaction a campaign can have, particularly when the issue is unfamiliar to most voters and opinions are less hardened. 
  • Any voter could be the tipping point! So let’s introduce Healthy School Meals For All to as many folks as possible. 
  • It's fun, free and gathers valuable information!

We know it might feel intimidating when you think about approaching a stranger's house, knocking on their door and asking them how they plan to vote. Some folks definitely won't support this, but you don't have to worry about changing someone's mind or being yelled at. That's not the doors we're knocking on. We want to talk to folks who are undecided or might be wavering and need just a bit more information. 
Additionally, this is a fun way to get to know others who support Healthy School Meals For All and make a big contribution to the well-being of Colorado's children! We'll provide you with all the tools you need. So come out, bring a friend or three, and make an impact on the lives of our children. 

Other canvassing opportunities within the Healthy School Meals For All Coalition. 

Oct. 1: Denver
Oct. 15: Denver
Oct. 22: Denver, Durango, Colorado Springs, Jefferson County
Nov. 5: Denver, Durango, Colorado Springs, Jefferson County

Sign up for any day here. And don't forget, we'll provide materials and training no matter where in Colorado you live! Get involved to ensure all our children can have access to free, nutritious meals at school!

Still not interested in canvassing? There are still ways to help. Stay tuned for opportunities to phone or text your neighbors.