Virginia Student Makes PE Appeal to BOE and You

Your help is needed to make sure health and PE are included in the Virginia’s education plan! For too many students in Virginia, access to quality health and physical education isn’t equal. Right now, the VA Board of Education is putting together a plan to ensure all students receive a fair, equitable and high-quality education as required under the new federal education law (Every Student Succeeds Act).  


Significant research has shown that active students learn better.  Unfortunately, many students don’t get much of that in school.  The American Heart Association recommends school-age kids get at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day.  Including PE in the curriculum also assures coaching on living a healthy  lifestyle.  

You’re the Cure Youth Advocate and 8th grade Moody Middle School student, Shakthi Ramasamy, provided powerful testimony before the Board of Education last month to convey how much a difference physical activity makes.  "PE has helped me stay motivated and perform better academically. It helps me focus during class and provides me with the valuable opportunity to stay fit. I also learn new ways to socialize when I learn to play new activities. All in all, I am able to stay focused, achieve better grades, socialize in different ways, all while having fun.”

Add your voice to Shakthi’s and take action now! 

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