Virginia's advocates come out for Healthy Market VA Lobby Day!

Late last month, we came together with the Healthy Market VA coalition to hold the Healthy Market VA lobby day. Many advocates and supporters of American Heart Association and our partner organizations came out to talk to legislators about an issue that affects so many Virginians – access to quality, affordable health care.


Access to quality and affordable health care seems like an easy thing to get behind, but special interests want to sell in insurance products that might not cover preexisting conditions or have such expensive co-pays and deductibles, it’s as if you don’t have any insurance at all.

At our Healthy Market VA lobby day, advocates talked to their legislators about the need for affordable and accessible health care. They shared their stories of how lack of access to insurance has affected themselves and their loved ones. Advocates like Avis Thomas of Richmond shared how the chronic health care issues she and her family have can make it difficult to find affordable and comprehensive health care. We then went over to the Capitol and were introduced to the Senate and noted for our coalitions work to ensure all Virginians can access health care that really takes care of all of us.

Events like Healthy Market VA Lobby Day show the power of lending our voices to issues that affect us all!

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