Video: OKC & Food Access


If you have a car in OKC, chances are you can quickly cover the miles between you and the closest grocery store. Chances are, you don't have to think twice about where you can find healthy foods or how long it would take you to get there. Chances are, food access is not an issue for you. 

But imagine if you didn't have a car. Could you walk to a grocery store from your house? Even if it's close by, are there sidewalks or lights? Maybe you'd have to take a bus and haul heavy grocery bags back with you. Maybe you'd only be able to take that long bus ride once a month and have learned that buying fresh foods isn't very cost effective when you need groceries to last 30 days.

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For many in our city, low access to fresh & affordable foods is an every day problem. Finding the foods necessary for healthy heart is difficult, if not impossible, in many parts of OKC.

We believe that can change.

This year we are launching an initiative to bring healthier food into neighborhood corner stores and markets. This will help thousands of individuals and families to have access to healthy snacks and meals every day. Want to get involved? Sign a letter to your city council member and let them know that food access in our city is important to real people and real neighbors!

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