Video: Not everyone in Austin has access to healthy food.


Nearly 3.4 million people across Texas have little or no access to healthy food like fruits and vegetables. These same neighborhoods often struggle with high rates of unemployment and diet-related chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Even in cities like Austin, Texas – ranked #2 Among Best Places to Live in the US, according to U.S. News & World Report, March 2016. Without access to healthy food, a nutritious diet and good health is out of reach.

Healthy food financing programs can help. These programs can help local grocers to open, expand, and improve grocery stores and corner stores in neighborhoods that need food and jobs the most. 

Healthy food financing programs are also good for the economy. They create jobs for people living in the neighborhood, create markets for farmers, and have the potential to lower health care costs.

Watch our new video for real food access stories from Austin residents.

Is healthy food access a challenge for you or your loved ones? Would you like to improve healthy food access for individuals across the state? Sign up at to get involved!

- Christina Holch, Campaign Director

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