Tell A Friend About You're the Cure!

As you probably already know, we recently achieved 4 of our federal legislative goals as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act. Several of these wins came after years of work so we are thrilled to see them finally become law. The new law will greatly expand access to telehealth for stroke patients and cardiac rehabilitation services, as well as allow more trained medical professionals to supervise cardiac rehab programs. Included in the bill is a permanent fix to the Medicare payment cap on therapy services as well as an increase of at least $1 billion in each of the next two years for NIH and CDC research. This is a big deal for the AHA and our advocates and we appreciate all the support that you have provided throughout the process.

These victories serve as proof that You’re the Cure is a national grassroots force to be reckoned with, but our work doesn’t stop here, and cardiovascular disease is far from eradicated in this country. If we want to continue to see the kind of success we enjoyed the last few weeks, then we need your help to bolster our ranks by increasing the number of advocates in the You’re the Cure network. You can help grow our numbers and our effectiveness in just a few moments so please click the links below and tell your friends and family that “You’re the Cure!”

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