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Vermont principals support community use of schools - but are also concerned about liability


The American Heart Association supports legislation providing Vermont schools with greater protection from liability to encourage schools to open their buildings and grounds to the public for recreational use during non-school hours. Research shows people are 38% more likely to exercise when they have parks or creational facilities nearby.

93 Vermont principals who responded to our survey on the issue between October and January supported community recreational use of schools and liability was their greatest concern. See the survey results below. 


Are you in general supportive of community use of your recreation facilities and grounds during non-school hours as a way of providing an opportunity for your community to live a healthy lifestyle?

 Yes – 98.89%

No – 3.33%

Please prioritize what concerns you may have from the list below regarding allowing school building and grounds use after hours? 

  •  Incurring unplanned costs as a result of others using the building – 14.13%
  • Liability for the school if someone is hurt – 27.17%
  • Supervision – 26.09%
  • Damage to the school building – 5.43%
  • Alcohol or drug use on the school premises – 1.09%
  • Safety of users – 9.78%
  • Condition building is left following the activity – 7.61%
  • Disruption of the regular school schedule – 2.17%
  • I don't think about any of these – 6.52%

Please let us know if your school is concerned about this issue. Email [email protected].

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