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URGENT: Oklahoma Kiddos Need You!

With your support, we have been working on Senate Bill 806 for quite some time and Today, May 2nd it has moved to a crucial point in the legislative process and we need your help! As a reminder, Senate Bill 806 would provide reasonable standards for commercial daycare centers on nutrition and drinks, physical activity, and limited screen time in order to combat childhood obesity and provide children in Oklahoma with the best start in life possible.


Here is what we need you to do…

Make a quick call to targeted members (or their staff if they are unavailable) that are undecided votes on Senate Bill 806 using this sample script:

As an advocate for the American Heart Association, I am calling to ask for your support of Senate Bill 806. This legislation will ensure that our youngest Oklahomans have access to healthy nutrition options, adequate physical activity and limited screen time in early child care centers. 

Encouraging healthy habits at an earlier age will result in a healthier Oklahoma for years to come. 

I strongly urge you to VOTE YES on Senate Bill 806. Let’s create a generation of heart-healthy superheroes in Oklahoma!

Here is who to call:

Senator Dave Rader (405) 521-5620

Senator Greg McCortney (405) 521-5541

Senator Wayne Shaw (405) 521-5574

Please email [email protected] once you have completed your calls so that we can keep track of how many calls were made!

Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to help us create a healthier Oklahoma!

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