Urge Lawmakers to Invest in Biking and Walking Infrastructure

More and more Coloradoans are seeking alternative transportation options to get around town and to get to and from work. Faced with increased traffic congestion and the ever-growing population of our state, many Coloradoans want more mobility choices that are safe and easy to access.

hero_image_alt_text===Photo of a family walking.
thumbnail_alt_text===Photo of a family walking.

As our state lawmakers convene this session to determine top priorities, they have an important opportunity to invest in additional transportation options and improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists that are critical to our quality of life.

Please take a moment to contact your lawmakers to ask them to increase funding for biking and walking infrastructure.

By investing in additional mobility options throughout the state, we can pave the way for increased safety and improve physical activity opportunities for all Coloradoans. We must encourage our state lawmakers to prioritize funding for bicycling and walking routes when considering our state’s top transportation needs.

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