Update on what we've been working on over the summer

As we head steadily toward an anticipated busy 2024 Legislative Session, we are working with partners, advocates, Legislators, and the Governor to determine a path forward for postpartum Medicaid Expansion. This legislation, which extends Medicaid coverage for those eligible to 12 months after the birth of a child, was brought forward last year in HB 201, and also included increasing the eligibility limits to 205% of the federal poverty limits for new parents and changes to eligibility for children in the Children’s Health Insurance Plan coverage. This legislation stalled in 2023 due to concerns around the Medicaid budget, and changes as the public health emergency expires. We also have concerns regarding the unwinding of the public health emergency, as more families will have fewer resources or safety nets for low-income families are reduced. We are continuing to work with the Medicaid Task Force to determine what changes may help stabilize budgets or demonstrate cost containment, while ensuring Idahoans retain access to needed health care. This process is complex and will take time as data is still being analyzed and reviewed, and as conversations move forward to find Legislative sponsors and supporters. The fact that we are heading into an election year only adds another complication to the decision making.

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We are also in conversation with a variety of stakeholders on how tobacco control and prevention moneys should be used most effectively and efficiently. We are working with partners to present a comprehensive proposal for Millennium Fund dollars to be shared with the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, which determines the line-item funding for these programs and projects, and with key Legislators and advocates for tobacco policies that support the reduction in use and youth initiation of all tobacco and nicotine products.  

We are also working with our other Heart Association teams to share information on our advocacy priorities, like updating our work with the Time Sensitive Emergencies to ensure our hospital heart attack and stroke designations meet Heart Association guidelines, and to share the work we are doing in communities around the state with our community impact team to help improve the health of all Idahoans. If you want to do more to support our advocacy efforts, please reach out to our Advocacy and Grassroots teams!




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