Update on the 2024 Idaho Legislative Session

It’s been an exciting month of negotiations and strategizing as we move quickly toward the end of the Legislative Session. One of our priority issues, postpartum Medicaid expansion, was getting sidetracked in the challenging conversations around Medicaid cost containment. But, despite these challenges, we’ve managed to get a postpartum bill introduced! House Bill 633 will allow women to keep the health care coverage they receive under Medicaid for a full 12 months after delivery, rather than just the 60 days the current program covers. This will allow new moms who face health challenges after the birth of a new baby to focus on themselves and their baby instead of worrying about losing healthcare coverage.

It took a good deal of work to get the bill introduced, and we were forced to make concessions on financial eligibility increases, but this is a huge step forward, and will allow us to come back in future sessions for eligibility increases. For our advocates who have engaged with us and our partners, learning more about the issue, and reaching out to Legislators when necessary, you have our deepest thanks! Now that the bill has been introduced, we are hopeful for it’s quick movement through the House and Senate, but we will still need your support to demonstrate the need for this change to Legislators.

We are also waiting to see if new bills that would impact Medicaid decisions, like adding work requirements and making changes to benefits gain traction.

In addition to our work on healthcare coverage we are trying to guide tobacco control funding options through the Legislature, however the new budget process has made this extremely difficult. Certain funds have already gone forward as part of agency maintenance budgets, while others like the Millennium Fund dollars are still being allocated through new spending requests, as well as supplemental budget requests.

We will continue to keep you updated, and we appreciate your continued support as we move quickly toward the end of Legislative Session!

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