Update to the NH CPR Training in Schools Policy Efforts


The AHA in New Hampshire supported legislation this year to add CPR compressions practice to the high school health class curriculum. While many school districts in NH offer all students hands on CPR training, most do not go beyond a basic learning about CPR as part of the First Aid component of their required health class.   Unfortunately, the bill went very quickly through the Senate Education Committee and failed to pass this year.  Over half of the United States now have in law that high school students must have CPR training, including time to practice proper chest compression skills, the most critical part of CPR for someone in cardiac arrest.  Volunteer advocates in NH will continue to press lawmakers to see the value of ensuring all high school students graduate trained in CPR and ready to save a life.  Volunteers are also continuing work at the local school district level to engage administrators in working this into policy within their health class curriculum.  You can help!  Please join the movement by visiting www.BeCPRSmart.org to learn more about the American Heart Association's CPR in Schools program.


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