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A Look Back at the 2014 Alaska Legislative Session


The 2014 legislative session has come to a close and we want to thank you for your continued support this year.  During the legislative session we worked on some very important issues including funding for obesity prevention and smokefree air legislation.

We are proud to announce Alaska renewed its commitment to fighting the obesity epidemic!  Within the budget, $500,000 was included for the Play Every Day Campaign.  The Play Every Day Campaign seeks to raise awareness about childhood obesity and the importance of families being physically active through partnering with parents, teachers, schools and promoting the Healthy Futures Challenge.   We know that physically active kids are healthier, learn more effectively and achieve more academically---this funding will go a long way in helping improve the health of Alaskan children.

In addition to our work on obesity prevention this year we worked tirelessly to support two bills to ensure all workplaces are smoke-free.  These statewide bills would have made sure all Alaskans are protected from secondhand smoke. 

Unfortunately, neither of these bills passed.  However, thanks to your actions and support, we were able to build great momentum, giving us a great foundation for next session.

Currently, more than half of Alaskans live in communities that are unable to enact smoke-free workplace laws due to limited power in the local government.  Which is why we continue support statewide legislation to make Alaska a healthier place to live.  The fight is certainly not over!  Please join us at

Thank you for all your help this year we couldn't do the work we do without your help!

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