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Update on Nevada State Wellness Policy


As mentioned in our blog post last month, Nevada became the first state in the nation to raise the State School Wellness Policy standards. Our School Wellness Policy now complies with the updated federal “Smart Snacks in School” standards, which established limits on calories, sodium, fat and sugar for foods and drinks sold in schools apart from the school lunch program.

“It’s easy to sell kids junk,” said Catrina Peters, school nutrition services manager with the Nevada Department of Agriculture. “We’d really like to see folks still selling snacks, but selling snacks that are healthier options for kids so that that becomes the standard of what kids expect instead of that expectation being the junkier foods like chips and soda.”

Now, whether it’s a parent providing snacks for a whole class or a student group running a fundraiser, foods and drinks must meet Smart Snacks requirements.  Nevada does allow for special-occasion exemptions such as birthdays or holiday parties and leaves that decision to each school district. The state declined to give any exemptions to the new federal policy for food sold in fundraisers, which applies to sales on a school campus during the school day and 30 minutes beyond. 

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