Update on Efforts to Expand Medicaid Coverage in South Dakota


As you know, Medicaid expansion has been a huge focus of our legislative efforts throughout this session, and the response from You're the Cure advocates has been tremendous!

We know expanding Medicaid will mean we can improve the health of all South Dakotans through preventive care and screenings. But as the regular session of the legislature comes down to its final days, we have an issue of timing.

As there are still details of the plan to be worked out, Gov. Daugaard has chosen to put Medicaid expansion plans on hold for the time being and is committed to calling a special session when the time is right.

What this means for us is that our fight to ensure up to 50,000 more South Dakotans through Medicaid is nowhere near over this year. Legislators still need to hear from you!

So please visit www.sense4sd.com and use the handy form to tell legislators to support the Governor and thousands of our fellow South Dakotans. Thank you for your dedication.

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