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Update Ohio: Leadership Abounds


The last week, I have felt so inspired.  While there is much work left for heart disease and stroke policy, there have been some shining spots.

For the last year, I have served as the chairperson of the Tobacco Free Ohio Alliance.  In a time where Ohio is ranked last in state tobacco prevention funding, it has been challenging.  At the last meeting, we elected new executive officers.  As chair-elect, Suzanne Binau will move into the role of chair.  Linda Diamond was elected to serve as Suzanne’s chair-elect.  Along with the rest of the executive committee, I can’t think of better leadership!  Congratulations to all members!

To support our effort to restore funding, you can send a message to your legislators today!

Also, the Ohio Department of Health held a first meeting of their new Coverdell Stroke Registry to discuss Transitions of Care.  A great group of hospitals came together to look for ways to improve patient cares. 

However, in addition to this effort, Ohio can do more to ensure EVERY patient receives the best care from the entire system.  House Bill 427 would provide that infrastructure to improve our system and to provide continual quality improvement. 

If you haven’t already, consider sending a message to your legislators! 

Friday, I had the opportunity to attend Nationwide Children's Hospital's Candidates Forum.  The focus was policy issues to improve the health of children.  It was great to hear quite a few candidates concerned about the very same issues we are working on and all expressing support of healthy kids!  Be sure to cast your vote this election.

In the meantime, go to the Action Center now.  There are many issues to support.

This week looks to be just as exciting.  Stay posted!

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