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Update: Healthy Vending in Albuquerque


We are working in Albuquerque, with City Councilmen Pat Davis and Brad Winters, to pass and implement an ordinance that would allow for healthier foods to be sold in vending machines in all city owned buildings.  These improvements create a healthier environment for city employees, citizen-visitors and participants in city programs. 

Healthy food standards can benefit Albuquerque in many ways, including:

  • Demonstrating a commitment to addressing obesity
  • Increasing access to healthier food options
  • Increasing the accessibility of fruit and vegetable choices
  • Decreasing daily sodium intake
  • Decreasing empty calorie consumption
  • Decreasing added sugar intake
  • Increasing dietary fiber sources
  • Assisting to help reduce the economic burden of obesity
  • Leading from the top in making healthy food choices

We applaud these two councilmen for leading this effort in making the healthy choice the easy choice for city employees and residents.  We will continue to update you as the ordinance progresses, and hope that you can lend your voice to the effort.  

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