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UPDATE: As Summer Winds Down, the Countdown to CPR in Schools is On!


With the start of the school year just weeks away for most students here in New Jersey, you may be curious about the status of the CPR in Schools bill that the Legislature passed in June, so here is a quick update. The bill has not been signed yet, but we have been in contact with the Governor's administration and they have indicated that a bill signing may be taking place in the near future. The deadline to sign the bill is when the Assembly goes back into session, which will likely be sometime in September.

Regardless of when it is signed, the law will require all students, starting with this year's 9th grade class, to receive hands-on CPR training as part of the health curriculum prior to graduating high school. Many schools that have been giving hands-on CPR training to students for years will likely continue to do so for students in 10-12 grade this year. By the time the high school Class of 2018 reaches their senior year, all public high school students should be receiving the training.

Recently, Utah became the 18th state to require CPR training for high school students. I look forward to celebrating our victory with you when New Jersey is added to this growing list!

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