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Two AHA Volunteers Speak about the Importance of Health Reform


Two American Heart Association volunteers were profiled in a Mother Jonesmagazine article about what could happen if the Affordable Care Act is struck down by the Supreme Court.

Marla Tipping has a four year old son that needs his blood cleaned every 2 weeks in order to maintain safe cholesterol levels. If health reform is struck down, finding care for their son, Cam, could be impossible if they lose their current coverage for some reason. (Watch Cam’s story here)

Another AHA volunteer, Jeremy Aylward, found himself in that exact position when he was kicked off his father’s insurance at 22. Due to a continental heart defect, Jeremy wasn’t able to find insurance until he found a full-time job because he had a pre-existing condition.

“[I had] no affordable, realistic insurance coverage options,” Jeremy said to Mother Jones.

In addition, once he found coverage, his plan did not kick-in until a year later because his insurance had lapsed and because of his pre-existing condition. In 2014, this won’t happen to anyone else, unless health reform is repealed.

Read their and other stories in the Mother Jones article here.

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