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Turning the Page to the Next Chapter in NYC


Many New Yorkers celebrated the beginning of 2014 by watching the public inauguration of our 109th Mayor - Bill de Blasio from Brooklyn.  Mayor de Blasio has a long history of public service to our city, including terms as a City Council Member and most recently as our Public Advocate.  Our new Mayor has promised to tackle areas of concern that have caused divisions of inequality in our city.  We are hopeful that our work to equalize access to quality physical education will be a priority.  Every student in New York deserves to have consistent and high-quality PE as part of their daily curriculum.  Additionally, efforts must be made to ensure that every high school student is trained in CPR in order to improve the disparity among neighborhoods' rate of bystander response during a cardiac emergency.  We look forward to working with Mayor de Blasio and his new Chancellor for the Department of Education, Carmen Fariña, in pursuit of these goals.

As we set off on this new path in the American Heart Association, it's appropriate to reflect on the last 12 years of achievements by Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Farley, Speaker Quinn and so many outgoing Council Members.  We were lucky to participate in the final bill signing ceremony with Mayor Bloomberg where he enacted our legislation to strengthen the 10-year-old Smoke Free Air Act by including e-cigarettes in the law.  Whether it was the focus on strong tobacco control, improving our nutrition standards, promoting physical activity in our community or generally improving awareness of heart disease and stroke...our city's health benefited from their leadership.  We are grateful that Mayor de Blasio's remarks during his inauguration reflected his appreciation for these accomplishments and pledged to build upon this legacy.

Here's to a productive, heart-healthy 2014!


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