Triad Advocates Raising Awareness and Making a Difference


Have you checked out the most recent addition of Heart Insight Magazine? Gracing the cover page is the Triad Triage Trio from North Carolina! 

You’re the Cure advocates David Layton and Anne Howell have joined forces with Randy Ludington to raise awareness about cardiac risk factors.  David is a stroke survivor while Anne and Randy are both heart survivors. Together they share their stories and emphasize the importance of preventing cardiovascular disease.

Both Anne and David, as members of You’re the Cure, know the importance of taking action and using their voices to ensure that our public policies are building a healthier North Carolina where the healthy choice is the easy choice.  

Take a moment today to check out the story (page 4):

You’re the Cure NC is proud of the work of the Triad Triage Trio and their commitment to educating everyone about the risk factors and warning signs of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  Thank you Triad Triage Trio for working to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

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