Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Update

Right now, Congress is considering recovery efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has confirmed that walking, bicycling, and rolling – or active transportation – are critical modes of transportation that can get you outdoors and stay active while adhering to public health guidance.

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Millions of Americans are struggling to stay active and these programs could help now, and in the future.

The Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), which funds active transportation programs like Safe Routes to School and helps pay for new bike lanes and hiking trails, expires later this year. Investment in infrastructure will be a critical part of economic recovery, and TAP should be a priority. You’re the Cure advocates have been vocal in urging Congress to take immediate action, but at this time they have not acted. You can help change that by adding your voice and sending an email to Congress.

The American Heart Association and our public health partners are also working the issue and pushing for Congress to act soon. Just recently, we joined together in a unified voice to send a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to take action.

The increased focus on walking, biking, and rolling during this time of crisis is why it is more important than ever to ensure our infrastructure and funding supports safe opportunities to get outside. In addition to helping people stay active during the pandemic while maintaining social distancing, these modes of transportation help improve physical and mental health!

We will keep you informed as the situation unfolds and be sure to alert you of any Congressional action. Please keep an eye out for more ways you can help support healthy, active transportation programs.


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