Tobacco Taxes Play Key Role in Curbing Use.

“Doubt is our Product” is a quote from a former tobacco executive in 1969. Tobacco companies have tried to sew doubt into the minds of Americans for decades. They want you to doubt that their products are harmful to your health.


They want you to ignore that the World Health Organization says smokers are likely more vulnerable to severe and potentially life-threatening cases of COVID-19. They want you to forget that vaping use among teens is on the rise. But there is no doubt, tobacco products are not healthy.

Tobacco use affects not only the people who use tobacco, but their loved ones. The science is clear there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. The secondhand particles from vaping products could have potentially harmful materials for anyone exposed. These days, our health is even more important to all of us. We need to start with preventing access to tobacco products and working towards a smoke-free world.

This is why we must support policies that we know work – policies like raising tobacco taxes. When the price of everything else is going up but the price of tobacco isn’t – the impact of tobacco taxes is diminished. We know raising tobacco taxes curbs tobacco usage, including lowering youth tobacco use rates. If we want to see longer, healthier lives with less risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes then we need to raise tobacco taxes and continue to prevent tobacco use.

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