Tobacco Retails Licensure is a Key Component of Comprehensive Tobacco Control.

It is abundantly clear that the dramatic rise in the use of e-cigarettes is cause for concern. But what can we do to keep these products out of the hands of kids? There are several policies that AHA supports and actively pursues in the community, like raising the age of purchase to 21, increasing the price of products through taxes, and restricting the sale of flavors that are particularly attractive to kids. But the success of these policies relies on a licensing structure that tracks locations that sell tobacco products and has a mechanism to prevent bad actors from continuing to break the law.

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Unfortunately, Oregon is one of the few states that does not have this kind of licensing program statewide, leaving kids in counties and cities that don’t have tobacco retail licensing in danger of falling victim to tobacco’s devious marketing tactics with very little the local public health department can do about it. Comprehensive tobacco retail licensure, that includes a fee structure that covers the cost of compliance checks and license revocation for bad actors, is an essential piece of the puzzle for our on-going quest to create a tobacco free generation. AHA is proud to work with counties and cities who are working to pursue their own local ordinance for tobacco licensure and applaud those that have already done so as we continue to build momentum for a state-wide program.

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